Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

It’s no secret that parenting is a difficult job. No matter how many kids you decide to have or what varying ages they may be, it doesn’t get any easier. Luckily, ingenious parents have thought up clever ways to relieve some of the stress. Some expert parents have passed down effective and nifty ideas to get over the difficult scenarios from keeping kids busy on an airplane to or making their toys less noisy.

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

Gluing pennies is one of them. Yes, this is what most parents do to their kids as pennies are indigent. They stick it to the shoes of their kids for a number of reasons;

  1. Your children’s heart will not break when they have tap shoes at home that saves money. The pennies attached to it offers reformative reminisce for children.
  2. Some children are aspired by tapping their shoes everywhere, in their home or while they went out to play. Gluing pennies to the bottom of their shoes will be the perfect solution for you and you tap-loved children. Children have less knowledge what exactly they are wearing. So, if they counteract for the tap shoes. You can easily stick pennies to the bottom of their shoes without wasting money on buying tap shoes.
  3. Many children start to cry for no reason. They tease and frustrate parents by their noisy voices. The glued pennies can therefore, will make such noise that will divert children’s mind and also children could get instantly scared when they are unacknowledged of the sounds and stop crying. May be, that could work for your parental frustration!

Things You Need to Glue Pennies to Children’s Shoes

Pennies and glue are all you need. And yeah! If you forget to have shoes, here we are to remind you. Grab the shoes first!

Things You Need to Glue Pennies to Children’s Shoes


Pennies are all time available at your home. So, you don’t need to worry to buy some extraordinary expensive thing for the children, who go off passion very quickly. There are not any specific pennies for gluing them to shoes but yeah! Weigh them before sticking to have a balance on both shoes.


Just check the adherent effect of glue before buying. The glue needs to be clinging and sticky to some extra extent or either it will stick off before children’s use. Glue the penny to shoes with proper ratio because excessive amount will stop penny from creating any sound and little amount will not make them stick to shoes properly.

Tapes can be used instead of glue. But it will not make similar sounds as that from glue. So, glue is preferred. Get sticking glue; your money will not go waste. It can help you in other figures too.

Consequences of Gluing Pennies to Children’s Shoes

This is an amazing trick used by parents since a long time, which also works for children’s enjoyment and amusement. Pennies are made from copper. Oh, you knew that! Well, if you knew, then you know that too, it produces sound when hit together or when drop off to floor. So, when your kids play with pennies glued to their shoes, the chances of safety expands as you get to know continuously whether they are jumping, or you can get attentive too when you don’t hear the sounds anymore. May be they run off to somewhere else where they shouldn’t be. Go! Run after them before it’s too late.

Consequences of Gluing Pennies to Children’s Shoes

Also, some kids are tap dancers and they love to dance with every tap. And when they will get the tap sounds without any additional sounds or music. They will, without any doubt, fall in love with it. The sound production also depends on what kind of floor it is, is it marble or tiles (the pennies will never make sound in contraction to the grass), the type of glue and the amount of pennies you stick to shoes are appropriate for making sounds or not or you make them too heavy to produce any sound.

How to Stick Them on the Bottom of Shoes

The easiest task you got at home is gluing pennies to shoes. It will not take any time if you are a pro, however, in beginning; you will get confused by the method and may get frustrated. But we are here to help you, just follow these steps to stick pennies in right way;

  1. Pour out a little quantity of glue in the middle of pennies. A little extra amount is needed for larger pennies. Thus, you have to be a little cautious about the size.
  2. Place three pennies to the upper part of the shoes’ outsole in a row. Then stick two more pennies under the set you placed before accordingly.
  3. Now, set two pennies at the edge of heel in a row. And stick two more under the set you placed before appropriately.

And it’s done! It seems confusing and tough but when you start doing it, you will end up in minutes.


Looking for a clever way to get your child moving in the morning without being distracted by toys, then gluing pennies to shoes is the best idea. Let them tap dance around the house by gluing pennies to their old shoes. They will have so much fun and you will literally only spend a few cents. Pennies are penniless and here you get the most native and inexpensive idea that can save your money by buying tapping shoes. However, tap dance is not the only reason for sticking pennies. Parents apply this trick for a number of other reasons including child’s safety. If you buy them tapping shoes, then you will buy them again and again when they grow up. Ah! That seems to have a lot of expenditure. So, gluing pennies will not let your money waste away. You can stick the same pennies to other shoes if they grow up or to the same shoes if the glue goes off.

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