DJ Headphones Under $100

Earphones are a DJ’s dearest companion, and they’re an essential instrument and segment of any DJ arrangement at any level. Earphones associate us to our blend and separate us from the clamor of the club, room or setting, they’re a savvy venture, and it’s reasonable not to go for the least expensive ordinary or non-DJ earphones accessible when there’s so much wonderful decision out there.

DJ earphones territory from super modest models that are intended for specialist DJs or room DJs to extravagant professional earphones that hit celebration setups and sellout shows for the world’s top DJs.

DJ earphones come at numerous degrees of spec appropriate for each client, there’s more decision than any other time in recent memory now and in this manner, the cost of earphones has been decreasing over the long run. We would now be able to improve earphones at more sensible costs than any other time, banging basslines and super-fresh hello there caps are not, at this point selective to high even out earphones — celebrate!

Here, we’ll be taking a gander at probably the best earphones under $100. You can get some excellent earphones at this cost, they’ll convey after a long time after night and will a year ago in the event that you treat them well!

Sound Quality

Need for the most sound yield gadgets including earphones be sound quality. With helpless earphone sound quality, you’re fundamentally screwed as a DJ. You will not have the option to hear things successfully, sounds may hush up, stifled or mutilated.

You may forget about your hello caps, your bassline may be sloppy and difficult to recognize or your synths may shout with a metal can-like twisting that pesters you increasingly more than the blend goes on. Each segment of your melody should be unmistakably perceptible, that is a fundamental need.

Many DJ earphones nowadays offer noteworthy degrees of sound quality, however not every one of them produce a satisfactory sound for requesting high-volume occasions.

Speaker drivers: Speaker drivers influence sound quality significantly, the greater the driver, the stronger earphones can be thus long as the drivers are acceptable quality, greater ordinarily is better. Obviously, this is not generally the case yet enormous measurement drivers, commonly 40 mm or above, should create all the more remarkable and more clear bass at any rate.

Sound/Noise Isolation

Earphones need to disengage outside commotion to be compelling in DJ, circumstances. On the off chance that you can hear the thunder of the soundsystem and screens, commotion from the group and stage clamor like smoke machines or fireworks at that point you’ll be put off your blend. The commotion of a gig can be a colossal interruption and a very much segregated earphone permits you to withdraw into your air pocket to center your psyche and ears onto your blend. In case you can’t do this, you may think that it’s exceptionally difficult to focus on the music, it’s actual irritating!

Dynamic versus Passive Sound/Noise Isolation: There are two sorts of sound detachment accessible. Uninvolved sound disconnection includes extraordinary cushioned earpieces that are tuned to decrease and assimilate outside sounds. This is the most widely recognized type of sound seclusion, it’s basic however compelling, and producers have truly extracted the best from it.

Dynamic commotion disengagement, or clamor crossing out, includes a receiver that gets sounds from the climate and afterward discharges a careful negative of that tone to counteract it. Pretty virtuoso right? Thing is, in a DJ circumstance where the surrounding commotion is amazingly boisterous, this amplifier will be over-burden and the outcomes would presumably be poor.

Comfort and Ergonomics

DJ sets are long, and they’re frequently damp with sweat, distressing and suffering on the ears, other than all the pleasant stuff obviously! Solace, in this way, is staggeringly significant. Awful fitting earphones will rub, waste and burrow at your ears and skull, toss in some unavoidable perspiration and things can get pretty appalling. You would prefer not to be continually going after your earphones, changing them and scratching your head and ears!


Sound Technica ATH-M40X

Sound Technica ATH-M40X

Sound Technica are a longstanding sound goliath with a significant standing in assembling amazing quality earphones. These wonderful over-ear earphones convey incredible sound quality and top solace. They’re bigger than a few, yet they truly safeguard you from outside commotion and different stressors permitting you to home in on your blend and arrive at your DJ zen.

These earphones are not little, and they don, ‘t have a position of safety by any stretch. Nonetheless, they’re solid and strong, comfortable, and pretty ergonomic. The enormous ear cushions are delicate, and they give a decent arrangement of sound segregation. Some may discover them excessively enormous, however, yet toward the day’s end, you need them to be sufficiently large to cover your ears thoroughly and not simply hang freely over them. These earphones have a thick headband, and they hold firmly across the head which a few (with greater heads!) may discover awkward.

With 40 mm drivers that highlight uncommon earth magnets and copper-aluminum loops, these earphones sneak up suddenly in the sound division with a lot of volumes, profundity, bass, and clearness. These earphones are effectively incredible enough to slice through the most intense commotion, however, you ought to clearly consistently being cautious while wrenching the volume excessively high. Top-notch drivers joined with great earpads make for strong sound quality across the recurrence range.


  • Cutting-edge designing and hearty development
  •  40 mm drivers with uncommon earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice loops
  •  Tuned level for inconceivably precise sound observing across the whole recurrence range
  • Circumaural configuration forms around the ears for incredible sound separation in boisterous conditions
  • 90° turning earcups for simple, one-ear checking
  •  Professional-grade earpad and headband material conveys greater toughness and solace
  • Collapsible for space-saving movability
  •  Detachable link (incorporates 1.2 m — 3.0 m wound link and 3.0 m straight link)

OneOdio Over Ear Headphones

OneOdio Over Ear Headphones


The OneOdio territory area unit significantly much surveyed across Amazon and structures and posts across the net. They are doing sit well at a lower place the $100 mark, but they are awful for the money and that they benefit a notice in any electro-acoustic transducer setup. These earphones consolidate OneOdio’s spectacular experience and involvement with the sound production with brilliant drivers and agreeable arrange.

These earphones sport associate exemplary look with a stout but astounding plastic arrange and big earcups. Do not seem to be} very little and do not have associate particularly low profile therefore don, ‘t anticipate having the choice to slide them into a reasonably vast pocket or wear them around your neck for the term of the evening. They’re agreeable, however, and also the earpads area unit delicate and charming to wear for in depth stretches of your time.


These earphones highlight 50 mm drivers with metallic element uncommon earth magnets that are extremely nice for earphones at this price vary. They need an additional long 10ft link that is way longer than traditional, fantastic for DJ use. This utilization bends over within the studio too wherever it’s useful to own an additional long link to diminish the need for augmentation links. These earphones convey exceptionally boisterous and recent sound with plenty of low-end oomph, exactly what you need!


 Enjoy heavenly, adjusted sound and greatest solace with the OneOdio Studio screen earphones

A since quite whereas ago one, DJ-style 9.8ft rope effectively involves from the TV or electronic equipment to your #1 seat. A standard-sized six.3 mm fitting and a three.5 mm attachment area unit incorporated.

90° turning earcups for single-ear checking whenever; self-movable and variable band conveys a weakness free listening expertise, which will keep going for quite very long time, ideal for dominating and mixing.

 Luxuriously cushiony ear pads area unit expressly supposed for screen earphones most extreme solace and commotion disconnection.

 With the graceful arrange and high of the road sound quality, OneOdio earphones area unit created for advanced cells, all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and connected gadgets.

 OneOdio offers thirty days money back, 2 year assurance and twenty-four hours loveable when facilitate


Sony MDR7506 skilled

Sony MDR7506 skilled


These earphones sit simply at a lower place $100 nonetheless they are fantastic at their price label consolidating tasteful sound quality with Sony’s heavenly styling and unbelievable solace. Quality delicate earpads provide on top of and on the far side sound segregation and normally, these earphones convey execution over their price.

These earphones look extraordinary; they are basic and exquisite that is the issue that we tend to anticipate from Sony United Nations agency delivers most likely the simplest glancing sound school on the earth. They need brilliant monumental earpads that area unit very delicate and do not scrape the ear once worn for broadened periods. The headscarf is handily modified, solid and inflexible.

These earphones sport monumental 40 mm dimension drivers with metallic element magnets. They turn out made lows and recent highs and area unit by and huge a lot of distinctive and touchier than some completely different earphones at the prices. Fantastic sound quality could be a given for earphones at round the $100 mark these days, such is the consistency of sound innovation, nonetheless these earphones haul somewhat a lot of outs than others.


  •  Neodymium magnets and forty metric linear unit drivers for superb, purpose by purpose sound.
  •  Closed ear configuration provides solace and extraordinary decrease of outer commotions.
  • 9.8 foot line closes in gold-plated attachment, and it is not separable; 1/4 in. connective enclosed.
  • Folds up for capability or travel in gave delicate case.

Numark Red Wave Carbon

Numark Red Wave Carbon


These Numark earphones are planned explicitly for DJing with turn ear cups and massive earpads. They look cool, are exceptionally, and give really wonderful sound quality. They may be somewhat ostentatious and brilliant for a few yet, you can’t thump it and Numark are known for their overwhelming plans.

These earphones are extremely huge and cumbersome with pretty gigantic earcups and a monstrous headband. The to some degree modern plan is reflected by the style of the earphone which incorporate Numark’s triskele logo on each earpad. They’re large however have huge disposition, and they’re agreeable to wear for long terms.

Conveying 50 mm neodymium drivers, these earphones sneak up all of a sudden that goes past numerous at this value section. Very clear bass consolidates with an extraordinary sound system picture and top of the line clearness to convey sound which is greatly appropriate for DJing. They’re boisterous as well, and joined with the very cushioned ear covers, this gives these earphones brilliant execution at noisy gigs and occasions.


  •  High-quality full-range earphones intended for DJs
  •  Swivel configuration permitting DJs the adaptability to screen house sound, and prompt
  •  Breathable protein-cowhide cushioning that stays happy with during expanding use
  • Large 50 mm drivers, neodymium magnets and high-temperature voice curl for ideal recurrence reaction
  • Detachable earphone link with ¹/₈” connector for use with essentially any DJ gear
  •  Professional fabricate and current plan coordinated with prevalent sound
  •  Fully foldable plan for simple transportation
  • Includes case to secure and store earphones, link and connector

Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones


Grado is causing a ripple effect with its arrangement of retro-styled heavenly quality earphones for studio, consistently, and DJ use. They may look outdated and negligible yet Grado has risen quickly through the rankings for an explanation, and these earphones are their entrance level model with a more-than-section level arrangement of highlights for the expense.

These earphones are particularly unique to the others surveyed here, they’re far slimmer and more insignificant with more modest earpads and a by and large smaller plan. Not every person appreciates the huge earpad regular style of DJ earphone and these are a commendable elective which numerous individuals figure out how to cherish. The form is solid and tough, however, and these earphones do not actually settle on solace at any rate. The smartest possible solution, you could say.

The typical 40 mm neodymium drivers are expertly designed with some extra tech which improves their base elements, and high-recurrence execution. These earphones are notable to sound better compared to their sub $100 sticker price, they’re wonderfully very much planned and advanced for quality. For DJs, these earphones convey dependable and clear bass with a lot of lucidity and an incredible sound system picture.


  • Grado’s honor winning earphone — open back plan offer a bigger sound stage with more prominent detail and clearness.
  • “The Grado SR80e’s are extraordinary, get them and love them” — What HiFi.
  • Mini plug end, incudes a 1/4 inch connector.
  • Lightweight, agreeable plan.

Sennheiser HD 200 PRO

Sennheiser HD 200 PRO


You can’t have an earphone survey without some Sennheisers, the brand has become an easily recognized name in sound tech and in light of current circumstances. The HD Pro scope of earphones conveys some amazing models at an assortment of value sections. However the HD 200 Pro fits solidly in the sub $100 section conveying top sound quality across the range.

There’s nothing unpredictable here, these earphones are moderate, straightforward and in particular, agreeable. The earpads are more enthusiastically than normal which suits some who favor a more inflexible fit however they’re entirely steady on the ear and give astounding sound segregation. The link stretches out to a lovely powerful 5 m+, however you likely would prefer not to go that a long way from your decks with your earphones still on.

Once more, there’s nothing here that blows away the opposition however Sennheiser has designed an exact driver which gives a wonderfully clear and legitimate image of your blend. The clearness of these earphones are incredible, they truly separate out the instruments, and hints of a blend, so you can rapidly bolt onto various components of a tune and focus completely on executing your set


  • Closed, Around-Ear Design.
  • Soft Ear Cushions and Ergonomic Design.
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response.
  •  6.6′ Single Sided Cable

Pioneer HDJ-X5-K

Pioneer HDJ-X5-K

Also, this is nothing unexpected in any capacity since they’ve been building their standing for a long while, both with hey fi and studio gear.

So up next, we have their HDJ-X5-K earphones that accompany numerous extraordinary highlights that settle on them an astonishing decision beneath the $100 mark.

With Pioneer, the primary spotlight is consistently in the sound quality. Furthermore, you’ll get a quite good solid with Pioneer’s HDJ-X5-K.

As per the organization, they’ve examined the exhibition of various headsets and have investigated the criticism of many their clients to consummate the sound execution, all while keeping the cost at an entirely healthy level.

To look more into their details, these are shut unique earphones that accompanies quality 40 mm vault type drivers.

Maybe fascinating that they accompany a 1.2-meter looped link that can reach up to 1.8 meters of full length when broadened.

The highlights are joined by 90-degree turn cups that can be come truly in helpful for those one-ear observing purposes.

The development of Pioneer’s HDJ-X5-K is stunning, making them genuinely dependable.

Nonetheless, we would contend that this comes at somewhat reasonable expense — they’re not as agreeable as we’ve expected, particularly in case we’re discussing longer meetings. It is anything, but a major issue, they’re as yet awesome. In any case, they could be somewhat better at their cost


  • Good sound quality in a unique way on the mids
  • Great bargain at the cost
  • Reliable
  • Frequency response is between 10 Hertz to 20 kilo Hertz
  • Wired technology of connecivity

Sennheiser HD 205 II:

Sennheiser HD 205 II:

The actual notice of Sennheiser brings out-and-out adoration from our side. In their tremendous assortment of howdy fi and studio hardware, we can likewise track down some really incredible DJ earphones, even those that are at the lower value point.

For this reason for existing, we’re investigating their HD 205 II headset which is one more perhaps the best model that we can discover available that is underneath $100.

These are the standard shut back earphones with exemplary over-ear development. However, what makes them unequivocally stand apart is the shockingly low cost going right underneath the $70 mark.

What’s more, it’s very stunning how they figured out how to keep them so all around assembled and with a particularly incredible sound. In any case, even notwithstanding these benefits, you’ll need to remember that these are — actually like different earphones that we referenced here, not by and large the expert ones.

Simultaneously, you will not turn out badly with them in case you’re working on a careful spending plan or on the off chance that you need an extra headset for certain settings.

Commotion concealment is likewise quite fair, and they’ll have the option to monitor things, even on stronger stages. Yet, regardless of a portion of these characteristics, Sennheiser’s HD 205 II does not accompany turn earcups.

Indeed, they are adaptable and surprisingly beautiful agreeable at any rate as we would see it. However, you will not have the option to do every one of the things that standard expert DJ earphones have. In any case, we can’t be so nitpicky and whine about anything here.

All things considered, they’re modest and sound great, so, it’s an entirely suitable alternative for an amateur, or halfway DJs or home-recording devotees.


  • Powerful sound system sound Medium-sized dynamic, supraaural earphones Offers loads of pounding bass, superb mids, and plush highs
  • Outstanding aloof lessening of encompassing clamor For smaller frameworks or versatile players (32ohm)
  • Rotatable ear cup for one-ear tuning in — incredible for DJs
  • Ultra-agreeable head and ear cushions The Highest wearing solace for long music meetings
  • Fairly modest
  • The construct quality is very acceptable
  • They’re agreeable, in any event, for longer exhibitions or studio meetings

AKG Pro Audio K67

AKG Pro Audio K67

Finally, we might want to investigate one incredible however modest AKG headset, Pro Audio K67 earphones.

The primary thought here was to have a less expensive item that is as yet thinking about certain highlights, characteristics, and plan attributes that are done in a joint effort with perhaps the best dj ever, the all-powerful Tiesto.

These mark earphones accompany an extremely upscale plan which is more than astounding at their cost level.

Yet, these incredible aesthetical highlights are additionally joined by an extraordinary solace and adaptability. Regardless of whether you plan a on performing or working in a studio for quite a long and a time in one take, it’ll feel as though, there’s nothing on your head.

Simultaneously, the drivers likewise follow with their characteristics.

They probably won’t be that level in the general recurrence reaction, yet, they actually figure out how to imitate every one of the vital subtleties that a DJ will require for an exhibition or a studio meeting. Also, alongside a portion of the commotion separation attributes, you’ll have the option to utilize them even on stronger stages.

Obviously, as their cost may propose, these are centered generally around novice and middle levels. Regardless, they’re pretty much solid at this cost level.

While some have grumbled about the headband and its toughness, AKG’s Pro Audio K67 actually feels really nice in such manner. Yet, dislike we could whine about such earphones since they’re modest to the point that you can purchase a lance set for good measure.


  •  Outperforms its value range
  • Decent commotion seclusion
  • Great plan
  • On-ear, shut back plan for ideal disconnection and clamor constriction
  • XRP³ glass-fiber built up polymer parts offer most extreme sturdiness and low weight
  • Powerful 40 mm drivers convey exceptional precision and high volume levels
  • Compact, roadworthy plan ideal for use in a hurry
  • 3D-hub proficient collapsing instrument for level stockpiling and simple vehicle

Regardless of people’s opinion on less expensive earphones, there are still some incredible models underneath the $100 value mark. Furthermore, to be reasonable, all of these headsets can prove to be useful in the event that you’re working on a careful spending plan.

Yet, despite the fact that you can’t turn out badly with any of them, we would single out Audio-Technica’s ATH-M40x as the most ideal decision. With extraordinary sound quality, dependability, turning cups, and Surprisingly, an incredible plan, they would fulfill the necessities of even the pickiest DJs out there.

On the off chance that you need to get as approach as conceivable to proficient quality levels, at that point these are the earphones to investigate.

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